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Tax Planning in Walnut Creek, CA

Financial Planning Services in Walnut Creek, CA

At Lippman & Associates CPA’s, we offer financial planning services in Walnut Creek, CA, for businesses. Make sure your company is on track for continued growth and success by letting us handle your accounting and tax preparation. Our firm has assisted businesses of all sizes as well as high-net-worth individuals since 1974. We have the knowledge and experience to provide business planning and advice that you can trust.

To serve our clients better, we engage in continuing education opportunities and implement the latest technological upgrades for accounting services of the highest standard. Our approach is transparent, communicative, and hands-on, which means we focus on exceeding your expectations. We proudly serve startups and established companies in such industries as:

  • Software
  • Technology
  • Real Estate 
  • Personal Services
  • Non-Profit Services

Planning for Your Family’s Financial Future

It is often said that “a goal without a plan is just a wish.” If your goal is to secure your long-term financial future and that of your family as well, then you need a comprehensive roadmap that is easy to follow and clearly lays out the steps you must follow. That’s where our personal tax planning services can fit seamlessly into your financial portfolio.

While you are required to pay taxes, you shouldn’t have to pay more than necessary or leave an undue tax burden to your family. We know you don’t want to find yourself in that situation, and that’s why we offer tax planning that covers all possible contingencies from a taxation standpoint. We look at how you can maximize deductions and make the best use of exemptions and credits to reduce your amount payable to its lowest level.

A Strategy That’s Tailored to Your Situation

A cookie-cutter approach to a personal tax plan is not a viable option for our clients, and that’s why we craft an individualized approach that addresses your particular situation and needs. We recognize that everyone is unique, and each personal scenario should be assessed thoroughly before a plan is put in place.

For families and individuals, we offer a range of services to help you plan and reach your financial goals. We’ll discuss your objectives and your risk tolerance to design a personalized strategy. We provide sound investing advice and portfolio management that helps you grow your wealth, protect your assets, and mitigate your tax exposure.

And speaking of taxes, our team ensures that you remain fully compliant with regulatory authorities. When it’s tax season, leave the preparation and filing to us. Our CPA’s will ensure that your papers are filled in correctly and filed on time. For more information from an experienced tax advisor and accountant, reach out to us today.